After you have loaded our visualization, you are surely asking yourself what to do now. That’s what we’re going to explain to you here in this tutorial.

1. Drag Visual onto worksheet

Open Microsoft Power BI and the relevant report or worksheet, where you want to use the “Traffic Light” visual. Open your worksheet in edit mode and you will find the “Traffic Light” visual as well as all your other purchased LeapLytics products within the “Visualizations” section. Click on the visual to place it on your worksheet (You can change the appearance of the visual later via the “Format” pane).

2. Property panel

After you have placed one or multiple instances of the visual on your dashboard, the properties panel will appear on the right side. The properties panel is separated into the sections “Fields”, “Format” and “Analytics”.

In the following chapters, you will learn how to use LeapLytics “Traffic Light” visual and how to customize it to your needs by using the properties correctly.

3. Add measure

Select a measure from the “Fields” section by clicking on it or dragging it onto the “Measure”-field of the visual.

(Optional) By clicking on the dropdown, you can choose the right aggregation for your needs (Sum, Average, etc.).

When using time formats, it must be ensured, that the format is set according to the format of the processed measure.

4. Format panel

This visual offers you a wide range of customization options. In the following chapter you will learn how to use the formatting options of this visual, to adapt this visual to your needs.

When clicking on the “Format” section of the visual, you will see the following panel.

5. Setting ranges

To make your “Traffic Light” visual work properly, you need to define the ranges for displaying the colour. In the “Ranges” section, you can define minimum and maximum values for the corresponding colour*.

When a date or interval measure is selected in the measure-section, you need to define the ranges accordingly to the selected time format within the time format section.

*Yellow Minimum and Yellow Maximum is deactivated, if “Two-Light System” is selected.