Introducing the Markdown-to-HTML Custom Visual for Power BI: tell your data story with a full-fledged text editor in your data dashboard! Elevate relevant information via formatted text in your Data Visualization Experience!

We are excited to present a game-changing solution that empowers Power BI users to seamlessly integrate beautifully formatted text into their reports and dashboards.


Unleash the Power of Markdown

Widely adopted markup language with simple and expressive text formatting capabilities let you create headings, lists, links, and other formatted text elements right next your data visualizations!

Create Compelling Visual Narratives

The Markdown-to-HTML Custom Visual enables you to craft captivating narratives in your data story by seamlessly blending richly formatted text with your visualizations. You can provide detailed explanations, insights, and supporting documentation right alongside your data, enhancing the clarity and impact of your message.

Streamlined Integration

Our custom visual seamlessly integrates into your Power BI environment, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Simply input your Markdown code or connect to a data source containing Markdown content, and our visual takes care of the rest.

Customize to Match Your Style

Our Markdown-to-HTML Custom Visual offers extensive customization options to bring in your unique brand identity. Tailor the visual’s appearance, such as fonts, colors, and backgrounds, to align with your branding or report theme in order to cohesively and professionally present your organization’s identity.

Foster Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and streamlined workflows within your organization with this popular format for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Elevate your data visualization game with our Markdown-to-HTML Custom Visual for Power BI. Present your insights and analysis in a visually stunning and engaging manner that captivates your audience. Whether you are a data analyst, business professional, or executive, this visual is designed to help you communicate complex ideas effortlessly and make a lasting impact.

Ready to transform your Power BI reports and dashboards? Download our Markdown-to-HTML Custom Visual today and unlock a world of dynamic text formatting possibilities.

Empower your data presentations with the perfect blend of visual aesthetics and informative content. Experience the future of data storytelling with Markdown and Power BI.