“Traffic Light” is a customizable Microsoft Power BI visual that offers visual alerts for all your key performance indicators. With features like horizontal and vertical alignment and a one/two/three light system, this visual can be tailored to your reporting needs, giving you better control over your KPIs!

Traffic Light Visual for Microsoft Power BI



As a decision-maker, you need clear, meaningful reporting that allows you to see at a glance where your time and attention are needed. Our Traffic Light Visual for Microsoft Power BI makes this possible, providing immediate alerts when key figures are outside tolerable ranges.

Quickly identify areas that may require your attention or improvement, allowing you to make more informed and timely decisions. This will help you to optimize the performance of your organization and ultimately achieve better results.

Department Manager / Consultant

As a manager or consultant, you don’t need any programming knowledge to use the Traffic Light Visual for Microsoft Power BI. All complex implementations are already done for you, so you can start using it right away. Simply define the critical value ranges and customize the design to fit your business needs.

Our extension seamlessly integrates into your dashboards, saving you time and improving the meaningfulness of your reports. Impress your clients or supervisors with the Traffic Light visual for Power BI.

Engineer / Developer

If you’re building BI dashboards, let us help you complete your project successfully. Our Traffic Light visual for Power BI offers flexible logic and fully customizable design, allowing you to impress your clients with impressive, professional dashboards. Save time and energy with our visual, and take advantage of our personal, direct support for any questions or concerns you may have.

Clear communication and easy handling improve your service and make your job easier.

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