Our Risk Matrix requires values in the range 1 to 10 for the two possible dimensions.

If this is not the case in your data, we have created a subpage with instructions for transforming strings and other numerical values.

Download Visual

In this short video, we show you how to download the visualization from the Microsoft AppSource for your reporting.

Loading data

After you have prepared your data and converted the expression of the risks into the value range 1 to 10, you can now link the data with the visualization.

Initially, three fields are required:

  • Risk ID (The labeling that your risk gets on the matrix)
  • Horizontal Axis (The dimension to be plotted on the horizontal axis)
  • Vertical Axis (Vertical dimension)

Avoid “Count”, “Count (distinct)”, “Standard deviation”, “Variance” and “Median” aggregations for the axes, since these only generate a total key figure!

Custom Colors

You learn in this video how to customize colors for enhanced visualization. Access our Layout Designer tool here: https://www.leaplytics.de/custom-colors/

Grid Settings

This is our instructional video on customizing grid settings to suit your needs.

Axis Settings

We explore different axis settings here in this short video.

Indicator Settings

Curious about the possibilities with our various indicator settings? Check out our video to learn more.

Conditional Formatting

Interested in adding an extra dimension to your risk matrix? Then this video is just for you!


In this video, we show how to use both standard tooltips and canvas tooltips. This provides more information about your risk upon mouseover.


If you want to dive into a specific risk through the risk matrix, then this is for you.

Now you are ready to use our Risk Heatmap and enhance your reporting! Below we have listed more in-depth instructions for all further customizations: