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With the Timeline Extension, we developed another important extension for the project management use case and project management suite for QlikSense. Customers and project management experts always highlight: Milestones serve as relevant management metrics, providing the means to define project priorities, monitor progress and tell an overarching story, in which status your project is.

With this extension, you are able to show the distribution of your milestones and timeline over the project runtime. In addition, you are able to display relevant information like name, date and a date deviation, e.g. plan to forecast or actual to forecast, to our needs. With the plan-to-forecast deviation comes a colour coding, that gives a direct visual trigger. Individual settings allow you to adapt the extension on the dashboard to your needs.

As a major advantage the extension is automatically recognizing, which duration the project has and adjusting the axis divider accordingly in three steps (week, month, year).

With this, the extensions can serve in many project and process management use cases.

The app is now available as a free test version to be downloaded on:

Find more details in our documentation.

The Timeline Extension gives a clear overview, how the project is planned and proceeding. It brings a very high level of efficiency to the project reporting, management and steering process in the project management practice of companies.

Björn Lange – LeapLytics

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